1. What Are the Experts Saying About Future Condo Prices?

    A worldwide pandemic and an economic recession have had a tremendous effect on the nation. The uncertainty brought about by both has made predicting consumer behavior nearly impossible. For that reason, forecasting prices has become extremely difficult. Normally, there’s a simple formula to determine the future price of any item: calculate the supply of that… read more

  2. Condo Buying Has Gone Virtual!

    Today’s everyday reality is pretty different than it looked just a few weeks ago. We’re learning how to do a lot of things in new ways, from how we work remotely to how we engage with our friends and neighbors. Almost everything right now is shifting to a virtual format. One of the big changes… read more

  3. What If I Need to Sell My Home or Condo Now? What Can I Do?

    Every day that passes, people have a need to buy and sell condos and homes. That doesn’t stop during the current pandemic. If you’ve had a major life change recently, whether with your job or your family situation, you may be in a position where you need to sell – and fast. While you probably… read more

  4. Ann Arbor Condo Report – February 2020

    Lower Prices for Ann Arbor Complexes In the month of February, Ann Arbor condo units experienced lower prices overall. The average listing price decreased slightly by 3% from $361,306 to $350,632. More listings were entered this past month though, last February had 43 while most recently 52 condos were added, a 21% increase. As for… read more

  5. Downtown Ann Arbor Condo Market Update – 4th Quarter 2019

    The Downtown Ann Arbor Condo Market saw 12 closings in the 4th Qtr of 2019 with three of them being new construction condos at Kingsley Condos. This compares to only 3 closings in the 4th Qtr of 2018. Three of the downtown sales are located at 515 N. Fifth Ave, which is a 4-plex built… read more

  6. Condo Buying Terminology: A Cheat Sheet

    Buying a condo or home shouldn’t be rocket science. You find the perfect place, make an offer to the seller, pay a couple of fees, and bam! You just bought a home. However, buying a condo actually has a lot of moving parts which include a number of funny real estate terms you’ve probably never… read more

  7. Ann Arbor Condo Report – December 2019

    A Decline in Prices in All Domains There has been a decrease in both listing and selling prices for monthly and year-to-date numbers for Ann Arbor condos. Firstly, there has been a 29.6% fall in the amount of entered inventory for the month of December with 19 units being added, compared to the 27 previously…. read more

  8. Ann Arbor Condo Report – November 2019

    Decrease in Sold Ann Arbor Condos Ann Arbor condos have seen an overall decline in inventory, more prominently for the amount of sales. A total of 45 condos have been listed this past November, and this is a 21.1% decline from the 57 previously. The average listing price has also declined from $380,532 to $329,900,… read more

  9. Saving up for a New Home or Condo? Here Are All the Costs You Need to Know

    Once you’ve found the perfect home or condo and secured the loan, all that’s left to do is start chipping away at those mortgage payments…right? In actuality, there are a handful of other, often-overlooked expenses that come with buying a home, but as long as you know what you’re getting into, they’re plenty manageable. Take… read more

  10. Ann Arbor Condominium Report – September 2019

    Listing Prices Remain Consistent Overall, there has not been much variance in the statistics for Ann Arbor condos compared to the 2018 numbers. In the month of September, listing prices declined minimally from $322,848 last year to $315,491 currently. 62 condos were listed for sale and this is a 19.2% increase compared to the 52… read more