Indicators of a Seller’s Market

All of the market statistics for Ann Arbor condos increased this April, therefore displaying favor towards sellers. Firstly, there was a significant 94.1% increase in added inventory from 51 condos to 99 this past month. The average days on the market rose only by 1 day, coming to 27 days before a sale. A total of 86 homes were sold, which is a decent 83% increase from the 47 before. Along with the rise in sales, there was a rise in the average sale price from $247,018 to $304,762 – a 23.4% increase.

Since the start of the year, there has also been a steady rise in numbers. 357 condos have been listed for sale, which is a 21.8% increase from the 293 at this time in 2020. There was an even larger increase of 47.1% for sold units, from 172 to 253 now. The cumulative sale price was $300,606 versus $277,360 previously – an 8.4% rise.

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