Ann Arbor Condo Spring 2024

Ann Arbor Condos in Spring

The Ann Arbor condo market is buzzing with activity as we advance into the Spring of 2024. The city, always evolving and dynamic, showcases its versatility in the real estate market. With a diverse range of available properties, from the most accessible to the pinnacle of luxury, there is movement across all segments.

Active listings sit at a substantial 80 condos. The market’s temperature can be further inferred from the 52 of these condos are already under contract, hinting at the high demand for living spaces in this vibrant city.

For those on the lookout for affordable options, Ann Arbor extends an inviting hand. Of the 25 condos listed under the $300,000 mark, a striking 80% are under contract—a clear message about the competitive nature of this price segment. The fact that the lowest-priced condo at $178,000 is also under contract is a testament to the allure of more reasonably priced homes, encouraging quick action from buyers.

The luxury market stands strong at the opposite end of the spectrum. A condo boasts the highest price tag at a whopping $1,950,000, setting a benchmark for the opulence available within Ann Arbor’s condo offerings.

New Construction Condos

New construction continues to play a significant role in Ann Arbor’s real estate narrative with 44 condos listed for sale. This marks an encouraging sign of growth, ensuring the market remains vibrant and caters to modern tastes and standards. Most remarkably, an overwhelming majority of these new properties—27 out of 44—are already under contract, a nod to their desirability and the city’s relentless appeal.

Sold Condos

So far this year, 111 condos have already sailed past the sold status. These units ranged from a more affordable $130,000 to a grand $1,400,000, indicative of the diverse buyers in the Ann Arbor market. For those eyeing the statistics, the average sale price sits at $411,611, with the average price per square foot rounding out at $301. These numbers aren’t just digits; they’re a benchmark of the value that Ann Arbor condos hold and a metric for prospective investors or homeowners to consider.

In summary, the Spring 2024 Ann Arbor condo market is lively and diverse. With a strong start to 2024, and the trend showing a weighted distribution towards seller advantage, now might be the perfect time to consider stepping into or moving up within this dynamic market. Whether you’re searching for affordability or opulence, Ann Arbor’s condos are opening their doors to meet you halfway. Contact us today for a curated list of units as soon as they hit the market at 734-761-3060 or