Decline in Listing and Selling Prices for Ann Arbor Condos

Ann Arbor condos have seen a decline in many facets this new year. 38 units were listed this January, only a 5% decrease from the 40 sold the previous January. The average listing price declined 16.4%, $334,687 versus the $400,116. The great news for sellers is that 35 units were sold, which considering only the 38 units entered in January, means that 92% of the condos listed were theoretically sold. Further, compared to the first month of 2017 when only 23 condos, January 2019 saw a 52.2% rise in condos sold. Selling prices declined though, from $327,434 to $297,333, a 9.2% lower. Unfortunately for sellers, the average days on the market is extremely high at 76 days.

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