Lower Prices for Ann Arbor Complexes

Downtown Condos in the Winter

In the month of February, Ann Arbor condo units experienced lower prices overall. The average listing price decreased slightly by 3% from $361,306 to $350,632. More listings were entered this past month though, last February had 43 while most recently 52 condos were added, a 21% increase. As for sold condos, 31 were sold which is an 8.8% decrease compared to the 34 sold previously. There has been a 4.3% decline in the average sale price, from $294,208 to $281,585 currently. Condo sellers will be excited with the 33.8% decrease in the average days on the market to 43 days.

As for the year-to-date statistics, there has been a considerable increase in the amount of listings from 81 to 110 units, a 35.8% change. The ALP overal is $363,710, risen slightly by 4.3% from last year’s ALP of $348,707. So far this year 62 condos have been sold, and in comparison to the 70 condos prior this is an 11.4% decline. The ASP has decreased by 6.1% from $298,639 to $280,296 cumulatively now.

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