Listed and Sold Inventory Remain Balanced

With the start of summer, the inventory for Ann Arbor condos have maintained their balance. Last June, 68 condos were both listed and sold, and although there was a 14.7% decline on the whole this June, 58 condos were listed and were also sold. The average listing price has increased 6% from $316,090 to $335,158. And as for the average selling price, it experienced a decline, $298,525 versus $272,911 now – an 8.6% difference. Unfortunately for sellers, the average days on market has drastically increased by 112% to 53 days.

Examining the year-to-date statistics, we see an overall decline in all areas. The amount of newly added listings has dropped by 27.8% from 421 condos to 304 entered so far this year. And for these condos the ALP is $326,550, a 4.3% decrease from $341,102 previously. A total of 168 condos have been sold thus far, and compared to the 293 last year at this time, this is a significant 37.5% decline. Thankfully, the ASP has seen a lesser difference of 7.7%, from $291,760 to $269,337.

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