Market Statistics are Seemingly Stable for Ann Arbor Condos

Overall, Ann Arbor condos have not see a considerable change in inventory or prices in November 2020. 56 condos were listed for sale, a 6.6% decrease from the 60 last year. As for the average listing price of these units, it was down similarly by 6.7% from $346,889 to $325,097. Sellers would be happy to know that there was an increase in the amount of sold inventory, 36 versus 47 last month, a 30.6%. The average sale price for these condos was $309,602, a 3.4% decline from the $320,480 prior. Unfortunately, the average days on the market increased substantially by 62.9% to 57 days.

As for the numbers cumulatively this year, the amount of condos entered into the multiple listings service was identical compared to 2019 at this time – 895 units. The ALP only declined slightly from $334,014 to $326,761. A total of 615 condos have been sold so far in 2020, a minimal decrease from before. As well, the ALP was also only slightly lower at $286,027 compared to the $290,487 previously.

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