1. Ann Arbor Condo Report – August 2021

    Approximately 20% Increase in Average Sales Price Both monthly and year-to-date statistics saw a decent increase in the average sale price. In the month of August, Ann Arbor condos had an ASP of $312,212, which was a 24.9% increase from the ASP of $250,020 last August. As well, closed sales rose 10.1% from 69 to… read more

  2. Ann Arbor Condo Report – July 2021

    Listings Remain Hot with a Decline in Inventory For the first time in a few months, there has been a decrease in the amount of new inventory added to the Ann Arbor condo market; 89 units were listed, and this was a 19.8% difference from the 111 last July. Sellers will be pleased to know… read more

  3. Ann Arbor Condo Report – June 2021

    Sale Prices Continue to Climb Two things moved up this past month for Ann Arbor condos, new inventory and the average sale price. June saw a total of 125 new condos added to the market, a 27.6% change from the 98 the previous June. There was a very minimal decline in the amount of sold… read more

  4. What is an Appraisal Gap and Why Are They Happening Now?

    In today’s real estate market, low inventory and high demand are driving up condo and home prices. As many as 54% are getting offers over the listing price, based on the latest Realtors Confidence Index from the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Shawn Telford, Chief Appraiser at CoreLogic, elaborates: “The frequency of buyers being willing… read more

  5. Ann Arbor Condo Report – May 2021

    A Significant Increase in Sold Ann Arbor Condos Although the amount of added inventory for Ann Arbor condominiums is starting to cool, sales are going full steam ahead. There was a 5.3% increase for new listings from 113 last May to 119 recently. Sold condos on the other hand jumped from 35 to 77, a… read more

  6. Keep Calm and Move On: How to Tackle a Long-Distance Relocation

    Whether you’re heading down the street or to a new town, moving is always a tough transition. However, a long distance relocation presents a whole new set of challenges you might not have considered. Picking up your life can be an exciting change, but it’s also a bit overwhelming. Need some help navigating the process?… read more

  7. Exposing the 4 Factors Agents Use to Price Your Condo Right

    Key Takeaways: Before you list your condo, it’s crucial to understand how much a buyer would be willing to pay for it. Your agent will use a variety of factors to determine a competitive list price—and some of them might be a little unexpected. If you’re looking for a fast and accurate way to price… read more

  8. Ann Arbor Condo Report – April 2021

    Indicators of a Seller’s Market All of the market statistics for Ann Arbor condos increased this April, therefore displaying favor towards sellers. Firstly, there was a significant 94.1% increase in added inventory from 51 condos to 99 this past month. The average days on the market rose only by 1 day, coming to 27 days… read more

  9. Is Homeownership Still Considered Part of the American Dream?

    Since the birth of our nation, homeownership has always been considered a major piece of the American Dream. As Frederick Peters reports in Forbes: “The idea of a place of one’s own drives the American story. We became a nation out of a desire to slip the bonds of Europe, which was still in many… read more

  10. Ann Arbor Condo Report – March 2021

    Rise in Listed and Sold Inventory Ann Arbor condos saw an increase in all of their statistics in the month of March. 100 units were added to the market, versus the 91 last March, a 9.9% increase. The average listing price for these condos went from $283,169 before to $394,977, a considerable 39.5% rise. There… read more